Website Design

Website Design – getting it right

You recognise the value of strong website design and a digital marketing plan - that's why you're here. Your clients are online and available well past 5 o'clock. They are attracted to great web design and excellent user experiences. That's where we help you shine.

Your website design and branding should be as unique as you. Each of our client’s businesses, and reasons for being online, are unique. Illuminate By Design believe it’s so important to spend time developing your website design to be the best reflection of what you are about.

Our web design process starts with listening to your ideas, passions and what drives you in business. Then we unleash our creative side and bring initial website design concepts to life. Working closely with you, we finetune those website ideas into engaging user experiences that your customers will find appealing, valuable and motivational.

We continually innovate and evolve our website design strategies to meet ever-changing technology platforms. Mobile website design and responsive web development are exciting evolutions for your online performance that we pay special attention to – ensuring you have a dynamic website design that seamlessly migrates across all platforms.

We specialise in website design for niche interest or socially conscious clients, so we are attuned to the unique communications challenges and requirements that your organisation may have.

Our web design team is based in Auckland, but our Kiwi ingenuity and creativity has also found its way to across the globe to clients in the US, UK and even Dunedin! No matter where you’re based, we can work with you. It's a small world after all.


Here's a few things we keep in mind during the web design process:

  • Website design trends – what's hot and what's not
  • Testing – people have funny habits, we focus-group our work
  • Develop your brand story 
  • Create user flow and call to actions
  • Align design with social connection and behaviours
  • Generate surprises for user enjoyment
  • Design your site to be found on the first page of Google!


Web Management & Content Management (CMS)

One of the best assets you can have is a website that’s easy for your team to update and manage on their own. This ultimately saves you time and money, and ensures your web is always a true reflection of your business.

After laying the foundation of a good-looking, functional website, we'll hand you the keys to your very own Content Management System (CMS). The CMS is a customisable application that allows assigned users to create and change their own content without having to call (and pay) a web developer to do it for you.

Changed your address? No worries, just log in and update it yourself for free. New sale on for this month only? Hey, create that headline on your own! (of course we’ll always be available, if you need us!)

What's the best CMS for my Company?

This depends on many variables, but mostly comes back to your own technical resource and proficiency.

Illuminate By Design have experience across different CMS solutions over many years of website design and development including Wordpress, Silverstripe, Magento, and Shopify. We also regularly explore new or emerging CMS options to ensure we have the best solution for your requirements. We do specialise in a particular content management system called Concrete 5, which is beautifully designed and easy to use for most organisations. It makes running your website incredibly simple, and puts the control in your hands.

Website Structural Design

Illuminate By Design will build your website using best practice web development structures. This foundation enables us to develop your website with a powerful understanding of the value of each element within. By researching search traffic and keywords, we rationalise what content needs to in place to put your website design at the top of Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo – and most importantly, in front of your competition.

Keeping you ahead of the competition

We rank and track the top performing website designs in your sector in competitor analysis research – we check monthly to evaluate where and how to improve your search ranking by tweaking and finetuning your website content.

We share all our data and research with you, growing your understanding or at least giving you peace of mind we have your best interests at heart. Basically we love analysing data - looking for ways to improve your website position by delving into human behaviour and web interactions with your brand and real-time website data.

On-page and off-page content

Your website structure has many components all working in concert. We generate your on-page content by web copywriting from analysis of Search Engine Optimisiation (SEO) as well as our intuition and website experience to deliver your website a competitive advantage. We then develop all off-page content including inbound links to produce a website that truely becomes part of the world wide 'web'.



The beauty about the web is that your customers can come from anywhere which means that your chances to sell your product extend way beyond those who can walk in through your doors. If you want to boost your sales, you need an e-commerce website.

E-commerce is an essential part of many of our client’s businesses, and we know what it takes to build successful online trading systems which offer secure transactions, multiple payment options, and real time sales reporting.

A happy customer is someone who can view your full product range, pay however they want, know that their credit card or bank details are secure, and have their goods processed with ease. And you’ll be happy making sales with more ease than ever before! Getting paid has never been so simple to manage.

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