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Brand logo design – what's that all about?

So often the logo design is the element at the front of the bus. What's the first impression of your business going to be if you have a dated logo? Evolving or redesigning your brand with a contemporary logo that sings the brand's praises, hints at your brand values, or surmises your product/service will no-doubt generate the kind of connection you can be proud of.

Our team have designed logos for Farmers, Coca-Cola, Nestle, Levi's and many more... Illuminate By Design craft logos to be current enough to resonate with a modern audience, but also enduring enough so you're not thinking after 18 months to do it all again. We also consider where and how your logo design will be applied, so we don't create logo designs that will be difficult to apply to your packaging, website design, car bonnet or shop front window.

What logo design options do we deliver?

There's always that special person in the room that draws your eye, someone with an X factor - logo design is a little like harnessing that something special, so often in the creative process there's one logo option that stands out from the crowd.

Illuminate By Design work on developing several ideas in unison, placing those logo ideas in different segments and testing their effectiveness against the target audience. In this way, we entrust the key audiences perspective to drive the final winner. If that marries with your own preference, then we crack the champagne... if it doesn't, we hope the strategic thinking is enough to win the argument.

Another way to put it is, we deliver several logo options, and fine-tune the best option to logo final art, ready for application across brand materials, web and print.

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