Our Philosophy

Illuminating Values

View everything holistically for clarity

Work at the highest level of integrity

Ensure passion is tangible

Enjoy the ride and inject humour



Illuminating every step

From brand communications to graphic design, marketing to printing – we can do it all, but what really spins our creative wheels is crafting powerful user experiences in the website wonderland.

Our buzz comes from designing beautiful, functional and affordable online tools that use new and innovative technology that you can grow with and bank on.

We specialise in building websites for clients with niche interests or markets, so we are attuned to the unique communications challenges and requirements that your organisation may have.

Our web design team is based in Auckland, but our Kiwi ingenuity and creativity has also found its way to Gisborne, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin and even the USA! No matter where you're based, we can work with you.

We get into your headspace – literally

To understand your business indepth, we work beside you, understanding your pressures and responding with shining clarity.

Illuminate By Design don't produce design insights from your one-page brief. We go much deeper, working beside you from the outset means 'we get it' and what you're wanting to achieve.

While we do have an office, we prefer to work within your organisation to effect the greatest return on investment. So ideally we take up a space at yours and have valuable chats about directions and delivery around the coffee machine.

Our business model ensures you get much more than you pay for and we deliver work that gets more results than a traditional agency can ever wish to accomplish. Plus our clients say that we're good energy to have around.

Together, we can Illuminate your brand to the world