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In an increasingly connected world, having a mobile-friendly 'responsive' website is essential. With more than 50% of web traffic now coming via mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones, it’s obvious that you could be missing out on a large chunk of your audience if all you serve up is a copy of your regular website, and expect customers to zoom in for the fine print.

So how does mobile web design differ from your main 'desktop' style website? Basically, it responds to the technology that the user is viewing it on. And it’s important to understand why your user would be checking your site on their phone, instead of their desktop.

Are they killing time on a commute? Are there functions of your business that lend themselves to being on the move, for example using maps? Will they need to purchase on the fly?

Illuminate By Design analyses the mobile needs of your customers and your business so that we can translate your main site into a responsive design that is tailored for a simple and effective customer journey. Or you may be so evolved that we develop a specifically designed website that really maximises the user experience on a smartphone or tablet.

Either way, this is our speciality - creating the best user experience on any device.

Are you being punished by Mobilegeddon?

Mobilegeddon was recently termed by Google's latest algorithm update - it means that in most cases smartphone users now account for 50% of your website traffic

What this means to your current, outdated website using old technology is that there is a significant hampering of your marketing efforts to get your website noticed.

It's not a new concept if you live and breath mobile website developments like we do, but it has caught many companies on the hop to update their website and ensure they are able to continue business in this new, mobile-friendly era.

Illuminate By Design have been producing mobile-friendly and device responsive websites since smartphones were invented. We're always on the developmental edge, analysing the changing user experiences and requirements of mobile versus traditional desktop websites.

Check your smartphone now - does your website display a 'mobile friendly' tag on the first line?

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Mobile App or Mobile Website

What's better for your business?

Mobiles Apps are coming on strong. In 2015, we see significant uptake of mobile applications as businesses look to deliver service and product and engage with customers where they are most often (on their devices).

Generating brand loyalty and holding your customers attention is where an App can shine. Mobile Apps deliver a more robust, integrated experience and involve considerable user testing and development. The rewards though are worth it for Mobile Apps that deliver on the promise or go well beyond data delivery to create beautiful brand engagement and loyalty.

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