Our Team

Our bright sparks live, breathe and dream up creative ways to tell your stories.

We bring a combined 60 years of experience in the marketing, graphic design, digital advertising, print advertising and web development worlds to the table, as well as a genuine passion for what we do and what our clients do.

Don’t let size fool you - because bigger isn’t always better. We’ve all spent time in the best advertising agencies in Auckland and around the world, but big brand agencies aren’t the right fit for every business.

If you want a design company who can offer you great brand insights, cost efficient services, a return on investment, and an awesome website - all done with a smile! - then look no further.

The Illuminate By Design team is flexible and love to truly immerse ourselves in your business - knowing that the better we understand you from the start, the more smoothly the process will run. Whether you need us to travel to South Auckland to eat edible flowers or go rock climbing in Hamilton to understand your business, we’ll do it!

And unlike larger agencies, you aren’t paying to offset our cool office space or Christmas party so we can deliver you cost effective work without any surprises.


Brett Crockett

Creative Director

Brett has worked for leading design and advertising companies from New Zealand to London. He's worked out a few simple truths along the way.

1. Do great work.
2. Don't rest until it's great
3. You don't need much rest.

Bretts passion is unlocking what it is that makes your brand great and wrapping it into a compelling story. He develops long and rewarding relationships with clients and spends many nights pouring over Google data unlocking further potential. In his spare time he creates Public Sculptures.


Tess Brady

Human + Business Manager

I am a bright, dynamic, and passionate professional, hoping to combine my
experience in adventure travel and education to deliver meaningful,
impactful and sustainable projects with an inspiring company.


Becky Moon


Becky graduated with a Bachelor of Digital Design from AUT in November 2016. We spotted her work around the university and scouted her to come and work for us right away. With a university background in film and video, passion for photography and music, and addiction to social media, we have a videographer, photographer, content creator and social media manager all wrapped up into one. With a fresh perspective and can-do attitude, Becky has quickly become a valuable member of the Illuminate team.


Chris McGowan

Technical Director

Chris has spent more than 25 years in the advertising and design industries, including 10 years with leading agency Saatchi and Saatchi in London. Following key roles within design companies in New Zealand, Chris set out to break the mould and create a business that delivers excellence at every point. He provides a wealth of knowledge with a unique insight to business requirements using digital media. Basically, if he doesn't know how to do it, we're screwed... Thankfully that 's never happened. 


David Partis

Website Optimiser

David has spent nearly 30 years in the IT industry, and the last 2 years focusing on website optimisation. David's most recent employer was Hewlett Packard New Zealand where he spent 11 years in technical and management roles. He left there 8 years ago to follow his passion for the internet and believes his working career only really started then. After building 200+ websites David appreciated that the build component was only just one part of a very large picture. He has recently certified with a Certificate in Digital Marketing in New Zealand and Adwords Certification with Google.