User Experience (UX)

User experience UX/UE

The user experience is the totality of users perceptions as they interact with your online product or service. These perceptions include effectiveness (how good is the result?), efficiency (how fast or cheap is it?), emotional satisfaction (how good does it feel?), and the quality of the relationship with you that created the product or service (what expectations does it create for subsequent interactions?).

From a design perspective, the user experience sets up the brand to thrive or dive. Your engaging, enlightening and enthralling website will convert visitors into customers, and generate a groundswell of positive directions for your business.

The Illuminate By Design process for your user experience (UX) success

Our process is a circular pathway of research and development that continually evolves to meet user demands

  1. User Research – user insights, Focus Group Research, form data analysis, product reviews, workshops
  2. Pathway design – where, how, when and what actions will ensure a winning user experience
  3. Creative design – final user experience environment
  4. Testing – Focus/user groups, spot testing, form data 

Do you have a winning user experience?

It can be hard to tell and even harder to evaluate while your current website seems to be tracking OK... In most cases our clients tell us they can't believe the difference we've made – that with a change in user experience we can deliver 300%+ increases in targeted objectives like user social media sharing or bottom line sales.

It's often not until you take that leap of faith and come onboard that you'll start to appreciate the passion we generate around your business. Once we unlock this passion and brand story, the user experience is developed to incorporate all the positive elements of your website offering.

Technology at your fingertips to shed light on the best user experiences

A contemporary website that is designed with user experience as the key focus will ensure that we start your website development with a clear understanding of the end objectives. User pathways through your website are designed to hold and engage your audience and funnel them through your sales pipeline. Illuminate By Design generates these user experience processes in collaboration with you so we have pathways along which to measure success rates of your new or redesigned website.

Surpassing user expectations in your website design

Knowing your customers is key. Illuminate By Design run insight gathering activities like Focus Group Research and website workshops, or generate tactical questionnaires and analyse form data to get a clear understanding of your customers expectations. From those brand marketing insights we create user experience that surpasses expectations and generate positive user interactions. Basically said, your website will be highly attractive to your audience and will generate results you can bank on.

The human condition - user psychology in action

At Illuminate By Design we don't just design from our own imaginations. There is an incredible amount of data available at our fingertips to understand the science of user interactions. We don't make it guess-work. Our design process is backed by facts and data, so we can be assured of excellent results through our user-centred design processes. Once we're up and running, all of the data supplements our on-going analysis and tracking of our effectiveness against the original user experience objectives.