Search Engine Optimisation SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has become the primary focus for website developments over the past 5 years. Your optimisation is the most important factor in how your customers find your website and your service or product offering. Simply put - if you're not up with SEO your website will be underperforming.

Why are we so effective at generating website results?

Illuminate By Design's research and testing programmes deliver our clients insights and opportunities we know you can bank on. Data analysis is something we love (maybe a tad sad, but yes, we do). We are constantly analysing and reviewing what SEO will cut the mustard and help grow your business. Then we implement or advise best practice search solutions to evolve your website, gain visitor traction and convert users into your brand champions.

Technology is moving faster each day – our philosophy is to harness the best at the leading edge and help you unlock your online potential.

There are no 'tricks' with the internet. We deliver highly successful re-developments for our clients following a formula of 'building to reality' utilising current search engine data to ensure the platform we build your website on will achieve first page results.

Our SEO processes follow this workflow:

  1. Defining business objectives / Value proposition and user experience
  2. Research – competitor analysis
  3. SEO Opportunities – unlocking unique opportunities you can own
  4. Keyword selection – Analyse (long & short tail keywords)
  5. Research Adwords for popularity and CPC + Prepare keyword themes
  6. Competitor Analysis – establish competitors & analyse against keywords
  7. Content Architecture – devise content/sitemap from keyword themes
  8. Content design and writing – design considering user experience and SEO
  9. Website build – build website to design and content architecture specs
  10. Optimise website – optimise for on-page SEO + evaluate inbound linking
  11. Search & Social – link social signal channels & create social media marketing
  12. Launch – go live, flick the switch, pop the champagne
  13. Assess performance – Keyword & organic search evaluation and tactics
  14. Create Adwords campaign (SEM) from keyword themes
  15. Generate offsite content (Blogging/Social Media/News/sharing)
  16. Ongoing optimisation of SEO and SEM
  17. Work harder and smarter than your competition

As we deliver this process the true power of the internet is maximised for our clients.

Return on investment (ROI) of this spend is usually a >4:1 ratio 

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

Google - the place we all go to find out anything is the primary Search Engine that we optimise your website for. Basically put, you want your website found on the front page of Google - ahead of your competition. Search Engine Optimisation is the key to ensuring your website is out in front of the pack.

Search Competitor/Peer analysis

SEO starts with gathering website information on the sector of the web you are playing in.
Illuminate By Design gather competitors website data; looking at web content and how your competition has constructed their website to attain top page ranking Google positions. From that research we develop strategic search tools to enable future research and comparison analysis.

Search Engine Opportunities

We overview what's happening in the market and develop several objectives to help your website gain competitive advantages. It's not hard for your competition to copy or replicate your website structure, but our Search Engine Opportunities help to ensure you have what others don't – the piece of the web puzzle that will keep you at the top.

Some of that magic is our intuition, insights we have gained as website professionals, some of the opportunity is hard work (ensuring your website development intention is clearly for the betterment for the online community) and often the web opportunities are particular to your website's service or product offering – we help you to realise SEO opportunities as we understand your offering.

Check out a case study of SEO in action for Extreme Edge – Indoor Rock Climbing

Offsite Web Content

Search engines like Google look at content from throughout the internet to determine how much authority you have in the public eye. How many legitimate sites mention or link to you is a powerful combination in your SEO efforts. Illuminate By Design strongly encourage compelling media press releases and blogging that present you as the authority in your sector. Ideally that would be distributed across many other websites, all linking back to the original article you created. We help you optimise and capitalise on social media outlets, including Social Media marketing setups, news functionality, and content updates.

Website Monitoring and Reporting

Gauging your website search results isn't just a matter of Googling your site to see where it's ranked. This research has to be made under neutral conditions and across a range of the most relevant keywords. We prepare spreadsheets monthly for our Search Engine Optimisation clients, to track the progress yours and competitor websites over an extended period. While our clients may see an immediate boost for their sites if we are correcting poor website design and content, generally improvement in search engine ranking occurs over a matter of months. Monitoring and reporting is vital.

SEO Friendly Technology

Illuminate By Design build our websites using the Concrete 5 content management system (CMS), a platform that has received many accolades as well as Google's blessing as search-engine friendly. It's important that the website technology behind your site can easily manage structure and content and be easily searchable and indexed by search 'bots' and 'spiders'. Web technologies are on a steep development curve, so staying current and ensuring the framework behind your site works nicely with users is good, but getting found through clean code and searchable content is key. Don't worry – we have all that covered and future proofed.