Search Engine Marketing SEM

Would you like potential customers to contact you directly with one click?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is an increasingly important phenomenon in the online marketing world. The rise of the internet ushered in new ways to reach a world wide, web-based audience. Search Engine Marketing goes a step further by ensuring you have the ability to perform along side your competition (or better yet, outperform them).

SEM or Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising programmes can be an expensive exercise if you are thinking to go it alone. The tools and process developed by the likes of Google Adwords and Bing Ads seem relatively easy to kick-start your own Search Engine advertising campaign. However in our experience you will be spending unnecessarily with settings designed to automate the process, but also increase the Search Engines providers own profits.

Let us maximise your reach and minimise the expense by taking care of it for you.

Illuminate By Design deliver SEM services including:

  • Search Engine Marketing – analysis and monitoring
  • Pay Per Click – advertising campaign programmes
  • Google AdWords – optimisation of existing setups
  • Facebook Advertising – setup and management
  • Search Analysis – competitor positioning & tracking
  • Mobile Marketing Tactics – call to click/smartphones
  • Website Optimisation for SEM – coding & tracking

Are you already spending $300 on an SEM ad campaign?

Because your website and marketing are integral to your business, we help you consider value of ad campaign spend against return on investment. Setting your monthly budget at $300 and getting an email of how many clicks or impressions you received is nice, but spending $200 and tracking conversions to actual sales is why you’ll appreciate our insight and SEM services.

We have years of experience in analysing Search Engine Marketing opportunities and developing a strategic approach to how you spend your marketing dollar. If you think there could be room for improvement, or you're not convinced your getting the ROI value for your advertising spend, talk to us today about an SEM audit of your existing endeavours.

The Page #1 sales pitch

We’ve watched as Search Engine sales companies systematically call clients promising 1st page Google page ranking successes. Some of our clients have even taken the bait and jumped onboard… 6 months later they’re wondering where the service went or you may just believe they have it all in hand - no need to review or track?

We believe the only way to effectively manage your SEM advertising budget is in concert with your Website Optimisation. These two website structures work hand in hand to maximise your return and ensure your website is tuned efficiently. Just focussing on SEM without relevance to the optimisation of your website will mean your spend is not wisely placed and higher than it needs to be.

How do we manage your SEM advertising campaigns?

Rolling on from our research into your website optimisation, we now have valuable data on how best to structure your website content.

Working with keywords, we analyse your market place by evaluating your competitors and others in our research. We collect and share with you our Search Engine findings and work out the best strategy to place your SEM ad campaign in front of high value sales leads and traffic.

We also ensure the marketing cycle is complete by engineering conversion tracking (like phone call data, forms submissions or sales leads) so we can quantify the value of your spend against return on investment. 

What does it cost for SEM?

This will depend on your product or service value and your marketing allowance. Every client is different and therefore have varying cost-per-click advertising models. Our job is to help you evaluate your advertising value proposition and set your Search Engine Marketing budget at the optimum for sales lead or conversion tactics.

You may have a high value product and pay a high Pay Per Click (PPC) price of $15 as your product sells at a premium, or you may offer a high volume/low value product or service and your PPC rate may be 40c. Either way, we deliver a solution that maximises your spend and delivers a process to track your SEM progress and analyse future opportunities.