What's your unique Brand Story?

Ever since Eve slipped Adam her favourite apple, humans have loved to sit around the camp fire and spin a yarn or two. Illuminate By Design continue on that tradition of crafting unique messages to communicate your story to avid listeners. And when they aren't listening, we've developed a host of tactics to get their attention.

These days the craft of creation and seeding those stories is very exciting. Access to the world through the web is making every corner of the planet reachable from your beachside office. Illuminate By Design harness this new evolution in communication technology to engage humans everywhere, everyday.

Illuminate By Design can become an extension of your marketing team, helping to consistently relay your key messages. In most instances we cover many of the services you will need to effect change, influence behaviour and boost profits.

Strategic Planning

What's your game plan? Over the last 20 years we have helped business to develop and implement robust Strategic Planning that covers everything from how to attract customers to waste management.

We research, explore, investigate, and ask the curly questions to uncover home truths. Then we consider your budgets and available resource and deliver strategic thinking and planning that is achievable and focused on a return (ROI) for your business or organisation.

Your peace of mind is then knowing it's all in hand and as a financial quarter rolls by we can report back on KPI's and other accountability measurements to ensure we stay current on your business.

Creative Direction

Whats the big idea? Thinking up creative ways to communicate is what we do best. Our design sense is highly tuned, we can cut throughout the marketing clutter with considerate and ballsy creative concepts or break new ground with ideas bigger than a Sumo wrestler.

We have experience across many creative mediums, from creating beautiful sculptures to video, print, packaging, multimedia and of course websites.

Once your creative direction is set, we become your brand champions, cracking the ruler over unsuspecting brand sloths and pulling up wrong colour changes to PMS 382 on the reprint you tried to do on your home printer. You'll thank us for it...


OMG? WTF?... Language has evolved a fair bit. If you want to ensure that your message reaches the right audience, in the right way, we can definitely help.

Well written copy is an important part of your branding. It touches everything from the blurb on your web page and the posts you put on Facebook to the executive statement in your Annual Report.

We humans love language - we spin tall tales, tell a good yarn, and use words for the power of persuasion. Are we doing it? Are we persuading you now with our wit and charm? Is this too chummy for your needs? Don’t worry - the Queen’s English is only a mindset away. We’ll make sure that we only use LOL if we need to (just kidding, we’d never use LOL)

Social Media – the new age of Marketing

Having a social presence is an essential communication tool if you want to directly engage with your end users - but it’s not as simple as liking, posting, tweeting or sharing. When you consider social media sites form the largest “populations” in the world, that’s a lot of people to speak to in the right, or wrong, way.

From the big players such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, to the more niche social sites such as LinkedIn, Reddit and Vine - your business needs to appropriately align with your audience.

Illuminate By Design develops creative social media and marketing strategies that really understand your customers, and how they talk to each other. In a medium where authenticity is king, you need someone who can tell a tweet from a twit.

Read more about our Social Media services

Traditional Print Media Advertising

No matter how big the world of digital advertising gets, traditional print advertising still remains a very important way of talking through your brand to the world.

You may have a sale that you want to advertise in the local rag, or you’re hosting an event that needs a poster. Maybe you’re going to insert advertising material into goodie bags, or you have a game-changing product that begs for a billboard to show it off to the city!

There are many situations where old-fashion advertising techniques are still the only solution to your brief. Drawing from years of advertising and print-production experience, we can work with supplied creative or come up with the creative design from your brief, and ensure that its printed to the highest standard everytime.

Point of Sale

Point of sale material does two great things. Firstly, it pulls your brand creative through from the website or advertising right through into the customer experience. Your logo or campaign images are right there, in front of your customer - strengthening your brand positioning and awareness! Secondly, it can create sales by informing and enticing customers at that crucial conversion point. A last-minute glance at your product, or a deal they hadn’t noticed before, and they're captured.

POS options are constantly evolving, so Illuminate By Design stay on top of the technology and trends to deliver the best POS solutions. Innovations such as digital screens and tablet interactions are some of the latest tricks up our sleeves, but we are just as eager and willing to deliver traditional options like counter cards, posters and hanging banners.

Brochures, Flyers & Catalogues

We can’t imagine a world without brochures, flyers, menus and rate cards. What better way to make your money go further than by printing a well designed, informative and compact communication right in to the hand of your customer.

Modern printing techniques have made flyers and brochures a very cheap yet effective method of communication, so they’re an easy win for marketing a small business or getting the name of your start-up business out there. Illuminate By Design have been crafting print collateral since computers were small enough to fit on a desk, we've created some beautiful reports and company profiles in that time.

Go where the web can’t (like a car window or a mailbox) and make sure all your bases are covered with some old-fashioned printed goodness.

Graphic Design & Print

If you want a design team who can offer you great work, cost efficient services, a return on investment, and an awesome product - all done with a smile - then look no further!

We bring a combined 60 years of experience in the graphic design and print advertising worlds to the table, as well as a genuine passion for what we do and what our clients do.

Don’t let size fool you - because bigger isn’t always better. We’ve all spent time in the best advertising agencies in Auckland and around the world, but big brand agencies aren’t the right fit for every business. And unlike larger agencies, you aren’t paying to offset our cool office space or Christmas party so we can deliver you cost effective work without any surprises...

Logo Design

Whether your organisation is new on the scene, or you need to evolve your existing one, Illuminate By Design can help.

Setting up a new brand can call on one or many different graphic design and copywriting needs, and believe us, we’ve done it all.

Our collective experience covers hundreds of logo designs, taglines, social media avatars, business cards, font selections, car wrapping, brand guidelines… and anything else you can think of to shout your brand logo from the rooftops.

Hey we don’t want to brag, but some of our logo designs are still in use by companies more than 10 years later! When it works, it works. Read more about Logo design


When words don't cut it, that magical image will do all the work (and be worth 1,000 frivolous words they say). We spend a considerable amount of time getting the images 'right' and when we can't doctor up a photoshop extravaganza by combining imagery to illustrate your messages, we utilise our extensive in-house photographic skills and passion for creating emotive imagery. Our attitude is to always ensure imagery is of the highest quality and clarity.

We create photography that has that magic quality to convey the story or message. Art directing the perfect shot to enhance key marketing messages or evoke an emotional response is the best way to market your offering. Over the years we have also engaged some of New Zealand's top photographers (AIPA) to capture what words cannot.


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