Everything we do at Illuminate By Design is crafted with brand consideration.

We deliver extensive brand building experience and a reputation for delivering a return on your investment.

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What is your brand about?

If that can't be answered in one sentence, you need our help! Brand building is our specialty; considering how your brand will be delivered and received is our driving passion. Creating key brand messages and ensuring clarity around what your brand is all about will mean the difference between a great brand and the rest that play below.

Illuminate By Design have been working with businesses to create exceptional brands for over 20 years, so we know what it takes to stay in the hearts and minds of your target markets. Plus we've developed useful tools to measure effectiveness of your branding to gain insights on brand evolutions and small tweaks that pay big dividends over time.

We help you define, design and deliver branding with well considered objectives – so you will be crystal clear on what you are about.

We craft your business into a powerful brand story

Thinking about what you do with the same structure as one of the great stories will help you understand the processes and pathways to brand greatness.

By looking at your business journey and crafting powerful brand stories we walk along-side you to strategically manage the paths to choose and the expected sights to see along the way. The results can be more powerful than imagined, but that's the power of intention at play - expect a little magic and enjoy the ride...

The elements of the brand story are all the facets that make you unique, from the look and feel to communications styles, website design, packaging and print. If they all sing the same supportive tune, then you have one cohesive developing brand. Illuminate By Design becomes your brand champions and brand police, ensuring you maintain focus and deliver consistently.

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