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Auckland packaging designers serving NZ

As brand builders, the creative packaging we design is positioned to create unique product points specifically in response to market analysis and research. Over the years we've designed packaging for the whole chain from garden gate to dinner plate. We've amassed a body of work covering the premium end of the liquor industry, wine, meat to FMCG and grocery goods.

We know that the devil is in the details, so we'll most probably understand what latest regulations are before you need them and be able to advise you on everything from the most current eco containers to best practice waste minimisation techniques for packaging delivery.

What is our packaging design specialty?

We've designed for Coke, Farmers and Nestle. We've drunk our fair share of 'photographic props' from Jim Beam, Jack Daniels and a number of other hedonistic consumer brands packaged for short shelf lives. These days we like to work on packaging design focussed on brands that sustain life and improve our motor functions instead of depletion. Our health concious passion is for our newer clients like The Secret Garden – edible flowers and produce, or Best Berries – New Zealand's largest Strawberry producer and Kawana Health – natures richest superfoods


Bringing your packaging design alive, instore

Our packaging design process starts with the consumer. Getting into what your customer finds appealing from the brand values to the added value intrinsic qualities that helps purchasers gravitate and reach across a crowded market shelf towards your product purchase. Focus group research, consumer testing, polling analysis, and many hours spent watching in the background as innocent shoppers walk into our marketing webs are some the the tactics we use to understand the psychology of purchasing one brand over another.

It's called FMCG not because the stuff moves fast, but because really, it's not long before stagnant packaging brands get left behind. Consumers are excited to shop, try new things and hold opinion about brands they love. Illuminate By Design get into that headspace to unlock your key advantages and produce packaging designs with clear points of difference. Then we get about marketing those to greatest effect.

We also work with kids, market gardeners, farmers, supermarket giants and local producers to understand the working elements of getting your packaging to market. We help you work your networks from suppliers to wholesale and retail by communicating packaging and brand messaging in alignment with the strategic marketing planning.

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