We’re a tight team with heaps of experience in designing and coding emails. Over the years we’ve sent out our fair share of hardworking emails.

Our unique online tool lets you create a powerful email campaign in minutes.


First, we make it look great

When you sign up to our Jetmail Pro System, our experienced graphic designers will create a custom-designed template that works with your current brand guidelines.

We can set up as many templates as you require for your different business needs. Need a regular marketing email to send to people on your database looking for the latest deals? No problem. Looking to automate your client newsletter? Leave it to us.

Whatever you’re looking for, Illuminate By Design will deliver it.

Then we make it easy for you

With Jetmail Pro you can access your templates any time via the web. Login, upload your content and check how it looks in preview. Then send out the email and analyse the results with our intuitive feedback tools.

It’s an incredibly simple, step-by-step process that delivers professional results without the expense and hassle of outside suppliers. Instead of relying on others to create your newsletter when it suits them, you can manage it yourself and control the outcome. Do it first thing in the morning or last thing at night – it’s up to you. However you choose to use the system, you can be sure of a professional result.

Managed E-marketing Campaigns’

Don’'t have the time to write and execute your campaigns? Want to utilise the expertise of a marketing professional to develop your campaigns?

We can provide a fully managed campaign service with a marketing professional who has many years of experience in email marketing and who knows the tricks to make your campaigns a success.

Ask us about our Managed E-marketing services.

Designed for New Zealand businesses

We're easy to meet and always on hand when you want to talk. We'll make sure you get a design that works for your brand, and we’ll ensure the whole process runs as smoothly as possible. Best of all, we understand the business and regulatory environment here. The last thing you want is an email solution that doesn't relate to local reality.

We work with you direct, or with your creative agency

You can use our expert designers to create a custom template from your brief, or get us to add our digital know-how to your marketing team. We have a strong background in design and advertising, so we know all about deadlines and complex campaigns. Tell us what you want and we'll get on with the job.

Optimised for minimal spam filtering

You don't want your targeted emails caught in some anti-spam driftnet. Staying on top of the spam war is a constant struggle but it’s one we’re dedicated to winning. Jetmail Pro includes a number of features to ensure your personalised communications reach the right inbox.

Complies with New Zealand Anti-Spam laws

We work with you to ensure your digital campaigns comply with all current legislation and best practice. Jetmail Pro also includes smart software that automatically handles unsubscribes and bounce-backs, so your database is cleaned and updated every time you send out an email.